Jack:To some customers: buy garbage, you deserve it

I really feel it. I have been doing foreign trade for so long and have traveled to many countries. Certain key markets like South Korea, US, Bangladesh, India, etc. I can’t even count how many times I’ve traveled. In the past, I often heard radical remarks such as being cheated by the Chinese and saying that Chinese products are rubbish.

I used to just smile and ignore it. There is no need to get angry with them.

Today I couldn’t bear it any longer, and confronted an American trader tit for tat.

Our habit of doing international exhibitions is to visit exhibitors intensively on the last day. Because many exhibitors are local trading companies, agents and so on. They buy products from upstream suppliers and sell them to downstream customers through exhibitions.

Today, I saw a trading company. After checking online, it is definitely our target customer. They used to buy a lot of products from China. So I happily stepped forward to sell.

Made in China?NOT interested!



I was furious instantly.

Okay,today i dont want to push you to believe in me or made in China.Only what I want to say is that you have bought too many made in China,right?In you family or your office,is there anything made in China?What do you think if your daily life without made in China.

Maybe they never thought that I would argue with them head-on. They looked at each other.

It is estimated that they hope to end this meeting as soon as possible, and said impatiently,

Okay okay okay,please show us your catalog.

Of course I will not show weakness.

I dont think there is any necessary to do that.Have a good day,bye!

I really want to tell some buyers loudly.

You ware cheated, couldn’t  buy high quality made in China,even bought rubbish,  and you deserve it.

When a buyer only pays attention to the price when purchasing, and does not pay attention to any other issues such as quality and after-sales, there will naturally be suppliers that meet your needs.

Do you still remember my Thai client? The customer I have worked with for several years was cheated and bankrupt because he got 2,000 yuan a ton lower than me.

The cost is 7800 yuan per ton. Someone unexpectedly quoted an ultra-low price of 6,000 yuan. What’s even more ridiculous is that the customer actually believed it. He denounced me as a liar, cheated him for many years, and made him too much money. No matter how I explain it, he doesn’t believe it. I even disassembled all my costs and he had no confidence in me.

In the end, I can only tell him one sentence: You will definitely regret it!

In the end he broke his fortune and came to me for help, what can I help? That company doesn’t even exist, even the address is fake!

The reason why liars succeed is to capture people’s greed and luck. Where there is demand, there will be supply!

We often say that the image made in China will be ruined by those shoddy liars. However, if there are no buyers whose IQs are so low that they short-circuit their thinking when they see low prices, how can scammers succeed?

Liars be damned. Those who have been deceived should not say that they are pitiful.

There must be something hateful about the poor man!

There are shoddy goods in any market. Not only made in China. As long as there are greedy buyers, scammers will always exist. This is the mirror principle.

Just like our outdoor furniture, buyers can’t wait to get a discount every time.

For new products, there must be profits at the beginning, which is what it should be. Otherwise, who would invest energy and financial resources in research and development?

Of course, if there is profit, new suppliers will continue to come in.

It is impossible to apply for patents for many things, so the whole market is flooded with this so-called new model.

Among them, a considerable part is that buyers do not abide by the rules, and keep asking different suppliers for quotations with a certain new model.

As a result, the price is getting lower and lower, and the buyer’s appetite for discounts is getting bigger and bigger.

Is the seller’s offer close to the cost? I don’t care, I just want a low price.


to be continued……

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