What are the best sites to buy direct from China?

Currently you can order directly from Taobao, Tmall and JD from China for personal purpose, however, the process might be a little difficult for foreigners overseas if you do not know Chinese or the computer skills well.

Once you shopping on Taobao, it requires you to register with your credit card as well as your phone(Google taobao registration tutorial), if you can successfully register an Alipay account(you can google Alipay registration tutorial) then you are more likely to order from China directly. Once you registered, you can setup your shipping address in your country, then start to order on taobao one by one.

What if you failed to register an account? There are many Taobao agent available now to help you order, they usually have English website interface, you just need to register an member account then start add the goods on taobao to their website and pay for the goods as well as the international shipping fee, the agent will help you pack and ship the goods from China to your home overseas.

If you want to order from China for business purpose, then you can try Aliexpress, Alibaba or 1688, those sites are mainly for wholesale and dropshipping purpose, you can use paypal and credit card order directly from Aliexpress and Alibaba, but you may need an agent to help you order from 1688 since it is a Chinese websites, for small business overseas it may have language, payment and shipping issues to order directly on 1688.

No matter you want order directly from China for personal or business purpose, if you are new to Chinese online shopping platforms, I don’t suggest you order directly even you can do it yourself at the beginning as there are so much difference from China and the West country for many different aspects, don’t try yourself unless you know the rules completely, else you may waste your time and money.

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