My story with Roger Dawson

Roger Dawson, advisor to the President of the United States, senior member of the cabinet, and president of a real estate company. Founder and Chief Negotiation Consultant of American POWER Negotiation Association. He is the chief international business negotiator, best-selling author and well-known speaker, and one of only 28 professionals in the world certified by CSP&CPAE (National Speakers Association and Speakers Hall of Fame).
In 2016, I was invited to participate in the Asian Negotiation Conference and delivered a speech titled Negotiation Brings Profit. He was also invited to give a two-hour speech. I have read many of these points from his book. My work is deeply influenced by these ideas.

The organizer held a dinner party, and I was very lucky to be next to him. During the dinner, I exchanged a lot of my knowledge and insights on negotiation with him. He showed great patience and gave me a lot of advice. These suggestions are of great help to my future work.


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