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The story started from 2006.At that moment I was a sales manager for water-supply equipment.I am not that smart person and was afraid I would forget what I have done to fix some problems.So I started to write my summary of sales and managment on a notebook.

Some day,one friend came to visit me and read my notebook of summary.Just like Columbus discovered the New World, he told me very excitedly that these words are very valuable, why not share them with more people?

From that day on, I posted these words on some third-party blogs and forums. In 2013, I started this blog(Chinese Version), and these valuable words have helped countless sales, managers, and bosses.

Up to now, I have written more than 1500 articles on topics including sales, business management, supply chain, human resources and so on.

At the beginning, I wrote about my sales experience, thoughts on starting a business, management confusion and solutions. Later, I started to write about how some excellent businesses develop. Now, I focus more on discipline. Because these are the wealth that can help more companies.

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Some Explanations of Professional Vocabulary In The Homepage

Trade Execution Time.Time duration per order gets fulfilled.

T.E.T. depends on the products.

Generally, the T.E.T. of fast-moving consumer goods is shorter, while the T.E.T. of industrial products, especially machinery products, is much longer

Order Completion Rate.

The rate/percentage of the completed orders out of all of the inquiries per sales has got.

This is almost the most important indicator of all indicators. It is the data used by enterprises to measure the ability of business personnel.

Marketing Email Response Rate.

On average, some people may say a good response rate to aim for is 10%. This number could be higher or lower by 5-10%, depending on how experienced you are and how much work you’ve put into your campaign.

Inquiry-Reply Response Rate.

After sales responds to a customer’s inquiry, the percentage that the customer goes on to respond to the sales.

New-Hire Turnover Rate.

For example, if of the 10 people who left last year, 2 were considered new hires, new hire turnover would be 20%

Middle-Manager Selection Correction Rate.

A recent study by Gallup World Poll suggests that middle managers not only play a part in company success, but they are actually the single most important factor in driving productivity.

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